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 Dear Friends


Budapest Chamber of Commerce established in 1990 is our first invention and after the new chamber law in 1995 we have changed our name and follow our activity as a special economical lobby entity of Budapest, Our first name was Budapest Goodwill Centre which we have changed into Budapest Economical Development Association since 2008. 

Budapest Economical development Association (BGE) is a non-profit entrepreneur activity group, based on privat companies and person community. Our main aim to represent Budapest business all around the world. He also helps to find business connections, mainly for the SMEs. Our network are composed by the chambers and the ICC and even the World Chamber Network, which means we are working very closed together with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce as well.   



BGE follow the main tradition and believes in the Budapest Golden Ages that is why we have chosen Lord Lajos Batthyany, the first minister president in Hungary 1948, as our personal role model. We also established a win of Mr Batthyany in 2007, on the year of his 200. Birth.    



BGE has prepared the Hungarian entry into the World Chambers Network, and to present the Chamber Trust for the Hungarian entrepreneurs.     



kesztehelyi-peter-igazolvany.jpgPeter Keszthelyi